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Our new production is "LAXMIKANTA", written and directed by Sri Parimal Tribedi. It is a true story of an old man who has great influence on the writer director Sri ParimalTribedi and encourages him to escort his message to the present generation. The play questions the necessity of democracy and its true existence in India. Laxmikanta, the central figure of the play, makes an attempt to find an answer of the most controversial question regarding the necessity of democracy in India.

Laxmikanta, a village quack, can diagnose any disease only by feeling the nerve. He is the only help for the villagers. The old and experienced Laxmikanta dreams to invent a medicine which can cure all the diseases if taken once. One day he becomes successful in inventing such medicine and wishes to prescribe the medicine to all the diseased people. But he faces terrible hindrances from different counters. The intelligentsia arise the questions of Indian economy. Debates, controversies, arguments bring forth nothing but questions the necessity of democratic process which has now become the only medium to choose the leader and not to rear the people. There is an effort to suppress Laxmikanta's truthful voice either in form of political threat or allurement. In his life time fight, Laxmikanta develops his own philosophy and makes an attempt to pave the way for the next generation on whom the future of the country lies.

In the play Laxmikanta represents the voice of the people who have been trod, suppressed and underestimated for years. He sees the world with open eyes and feels that the society should be reformed to make it a better world where our successors will live peacefully and will have their own saying.

It's a full act play with Laxmikanta as its central figure. It has a pastoral setting. The play depicts the social follies and foibles. It mocks the master class and speaks for the underdogs. The play is an attempt to make the world a better place.

The Director and Playwright

Director, actor, play writer and founder of MaldaMalancha, Sri PARIMAL TRIBEDI is a well-known theatre personality in Bengali Theatre. For nearly forty years he has been practising theatre seriously. For the last twenty one years he is leading his present group MaldaMalancha in the mofussil district, Malda. In these years he has directed nearly fifty plays. He is also a renowned playwright. He has written many plays which have been staged and highly acclaimed. He has made his appearance in the theatre world as a director and actor at the age of thirteen years with his own script "NapiterChalaki". His keen interest in Jatra and Nataka led him to spend his whole life in theatre. He took theatre as his breath and despite of severe financial problem he has been continuing theatre successfully.

Some of the noted plays written by Mr. Tribedi are Laxmikanta, GambhiraGambhira, Laxmikanta, RanirGhaterBrittanta, BhaloManush, Ratan, Udas Puja, AsamayerBhabna, LotunJevan, Swasti, Lajja etc.

The highly acclaimed plays directed by Mr. Tribedi are Laxmikanta, GambhiraGambhira, RanirGhaterBrittanta, BhaloManush, Ratan, Udas Puja, AsamayerBhabna, LotunJevan, Swasti, Lajja, Bisarjan, Dena Paona, DukhiChamarerKuthar, Abato, BibarnoBismoy, JibonJapon, Bodh, Bishalyokaroni and many other.


Play Wright & Direction :ParimalTribedi


  LIGHT :   PrashantaGhoshSet
  DESIGN :   Chinmay Chakraborty
  MUSIC :   Kaushik Sajjan
  Choreigraphy :   Deb Kumar Paul
  Costume :   Punam Tribedi & Saikat Sarkar
  Make up :   Pradip Nandi / Pradyot Talukdar
  Financial Assistance :   Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India
  Laxmikanta   Parimal Tribedi   Sattar   Hari Das
  Maya   Banani Tribei   Son of Sattar   Rituraj Tribedi
  Doly   Sima Chakraborty   Wife of Sattar   Punam Tribedi
  Naren   Golak Sarkar   Abul   Saikat Sarkar
  Dukhi   Dipti Mandal   Naresh   Pasenjit Barman
  Amal   Souhardya Sarkar   Leader   Asim Chowdhury
  Brindaban   Manoj Haldar   Kedar   Pasenjit Barman
  Sudhir   Saikat Sarkar   Raja   Pasenjit Barman
  Sadananda   Arkaprabha Chakraborty   Mantree   Debraj Tribedi
  Dipu   Prabir Das   Kabiraj   Saikat Sarkar
  Hitlu   Debraj Tribedi   Sepai   Jubaraj Tribedi
          Others   Dipti Ghosh, Sima Chakraborty, Punam Tribedi, Rabi Haldar
          Sabhasad   Prabir Das, Golak Sarkar, Arkaprabha Chakraborty, Manoj Haldar